Units of Inquiry

How We Express Ourselves

Play, curiosity, and creativity allow us to imagine and express new and innovative ideas.

Lines of inquiry:

· Discovery of the world through play

· How play helps me form relationships

· Imagination, creativity, curiosity

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Who We Are

Understanding and appreciating diversity connects and helps people learn and grow.

Lines of inquiry:

· What makes an individual unique

· What connects people

· Building understanding of the world

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How the World Works

The activities of living things are linked to the cycles of nature.

Lines of Inquiry:

Natural cycles

How natural cycles promote change

The actions living things take in response to Earth's natural cycles

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Sharing the Planet

Exploring the world invites humans to recognize our shared responsibility on this planet.

Lines of Inquiry:

How we connect to the world

How we learn about the world

How we appreciate and care for the world

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